Satellite event of the World Forum for Democracy

VIU Workshop on The Personalization of Power

20 October 2017 Venice International University

Why this topic? Because today there is a tendency for leaders in many of our countries to be very visible, finding legitimacy in a direct exclusive relationship with "their" people through the internet, social media and TV, setting aside procedures, political parties and organizations, often...

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What is Populism and is it a Threat to Democracy? Interview with Pierre Rosanvallon, French intellectual and historian

Populism must be understood as a pathology of democracy, in the sense that in populism first of all is the cult of a leader who “fights” against elites, oligarchies, or against foreigners. Democracy has become aware of the fact that our society is divided, that we must learn reasonable...

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Satellite event on the occasion of the International Democracy Day

15 September 2017 Falun, Sweden

In the framework of its Democracy Week, the Swedish city of Falun is organising a Satellite event to the World Forum for Democracy on the occasion of the International Democracy Day on 15th September 2017. Participants will exchange on how to make active citizenship and participatory democracy...

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The International Peace Institute and the Council of Europe join forces

3-5 September 2017 Salzburg, Austria

The Council of Europe’s Director General of Democracy Snežana Samardžić-Marković presented the World Forum for Democracy at the Salzburg Forum “Mapping of the New Geopolitics” (3-5 September 2017), organised by the International Peace institute (IPI). On this occasion, a Memorandum of...

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Member cities are hosting the Town Hall Pilot Project

September 2017

In the framework of the Participatory Democracy Incubator, the cities of Messina in Italy, Antwerp in Belgium and Neapoli-Sykes in Greece, have agreed to host the first town hall pilot events in September 2017. The town hall events will bring together key participation actors from the city...

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Call for youth participants

Deadline: 11 July at CET 13.00 (1p.m.)

Young people, aged 16-30, from all over the world are invited to apply until 11 July (at CET 13.00/1p.m.) to participate in the World Forum for Democracy 2017! 60 young participants will be selected by the Youth Department of the Council of Europe in order to ensure a strong youth participation...

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Satellite event: "Populism: threat to human rights or correction of democracy"

19 June 2017 - 18h30 Tübingen, Germany

In recent weeks and months we have witnessed the resurgence of a political discourse characterized by the undermining of human rights, democratic values and the rule of law. The complex situations in states have been complicated by global phenomena such as climate change, mass migration,...

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Securitisation and the Impact on Human Rights and Democracy: Human Security in Time of Insecurity

22-26 May 2017 Bangkok, Thailand

This Satellite event of the World Forum for Democracy will gather academics, experts and students from different regions of the world with the aim of creating an international forum of discussion on securitisation and the impact on human rights and democracy. The event is hosted by the Mahidol...

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Participation of the World Forum for Democracy coordinator to an event on "Immigration and the rise of radical right populism"

11 May 2017 European Parliament, Brussels, Belgium

The World Forum for Democracy coordinator travelled to Brussels to moderate an event on “Immigration and the rise of radical right populism” at the European Parliament on the 11th May. Populist political discourse often exploits fears of immigration. Many European countries have experienced a...

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Childrens’ Forum “Children, actors of Citizenship” on 12 May

12 May 2017 Strasbourg, France

The Directorate General of Democracy organised the second edition of the Childrens’ Forum “Children, actors of Citizenship” in co-operation with the Association Themis On 12 May, in the Hemicycle, 650 pupils aged 8-10 from 25 classes of the Haut-Rhin and 650 pupils aged 8-10 from 25 classes of...

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The Online registration for the Forum is open !

Deadline for registration : 25 October 2017

The Forum is open to the public and participation is free of charge.