This category focuses on the promotion of freedom of expression and on the protection of journalists. It promotes initiatives whose aim is to increase transparency; fight crime and corruption; and to encourage and support the spread of reliable information. Initiatives under this category also address the impact of media ownership, and the control of major internet companies over personal and other data, on freedom and democratic debate.

Protection of democratic values through fact-checking journalism (, “Union of Informed Citizens” NGO, Armenia

The initiative aims to increase public support for democratic values through fact-checking journalism. It fights against disinformation that undermines the activity of NGOs, democratic values, human rights, freedom of expression, and political reforms. The NGO intensively cooperates with other NGOs to produce its materials. Currently, its publications have 5000 to 7000 views online on average and according to the Google Analytics report, readers spend 3 minutes on its website, suggesting that its materials are read until the end.