This category focuses on the promotion of freedom of expression and on the protection of journalists. It promotes initiatives whose aim is to increase transparency; fight crime and corruption; and to encourage and support the spread of reliable information. Initiatives under this category also address the impact of media ownership, and the control of major internet companies over personal and other data, on freedom and democratic debate.

A Toolbox for Digital Citizens, Nupinion, United Kingdom

Nupinion is a free news discovery and search tool that improves access to quality journalism and information. It enables citizens to compare news from multiple sources and countries while helping to identify the credibility and political slant of sources. Citizens stay easily informed by following news boards on topics, outlets or people they choose. Based on these choices, Nupinion recommends different opinions, highlights key stakeholders and offers tools to investigate media coverage on the issue. Nupinion’s goal is to support democracy by fostering media literacy, fighting fake or heavily biased news, and bursting media echo chambers online.