This category focuses on the promotion of freedom of expression and on the protection of journalists. It promotes initiatives whose aim is to increase transparency; fight crime and corruption; and to encourage and support the spread of reliable information. Initiatives under this category also address the impact of media ownership, and the control of major internet companies over personal and other data, on freedom and democratic debate.

EUCHECK: Journalism schools for fact-checking, an impartial network, European Journalism Training Association (EJTA), the Netherlands

EUCHECK strives to be a reference point for fact-checking EU policies and politics, while promoting European studies and developing fact-checking. Over 15 EJTA journalism schools work on the project. EUCHECK aims to support quality journalism and journalism education while testing new cooperative arrangements, to enhance credibility of media; to contribute to the accuracy of European political statements; to engage European citizens as well as to create incentives to spread fact-checked information on social media; to develop a European open educational resource (OER) methodology; and to establish cooperation with quality national fact-checkers. For the 2019 European parliamentary elections, EUCHECK intends to bring all their national platforms together in one pan-European portal.