The initiatives of this category deal with the transformation of democracy in the digital age. Open Government initiatives, often referred to as e‑government, e‑parliament or democracy 2.0, aim to re‑establish the link between citizens and officials by increasing transparency and collaboration. They create spaces for citizens to share their vision for society and debate policy choices or to oversee the integrity of democratic institutions and the quality of public services. Do such initiatives help to improve institutional performance or do they pose a challenge for democracy in terms of data protection and privacy?

Is media the next democracy platform?, Poll Town, USA

“Is media the next democracy platform?” explores how we can reinvigorate public debate through smart polls placed in news stories and social media. At the core of the idea is the belief that public opinion can change how leaders do their jobs, and that better forms of collecting and presenting data brings people into the political sphere, and grows a more active and aware citizenry. Case studies from the USA, Vietnam and Australia will show how simple and shareable questions can engage the silent majority to have their say.