The initiatives of this category deal with the transformation of democracy in the digital age. Open Government initiatives, often referred to as e‑government, e‑parliament or democracy 2.0, aim to re‑establish the link between citizens and officials by increasing transparency and collaboration. They create spaces for citizens to share their vision for society and debate policy choices or to oversee the integrity of democratic institutions and the quality of public services. Do such initiatives help to improve institutional performance or do they pose a challenge for democracy in terms of data protection and privacy?

President 21, Institute for Democracy 21, Czech Republic

This online civic game is a real time voting app, where citizens can nominate and vote for their ideal presidential candidate using the Democracy 21 voting system. As of now, the game has over 100.000 active users and it is expected to produce an ideal candidate, acceptable for the majority of voters due to the nature of the system. Each voter can cast up to three positive votes of equal value and up to one negative vote. The voter must use at least two positive votes to be able to cast the negative vote.