The initiatives of this category deal with the transformation of democracy in the digital age. Open Government initiatives, often referred to as e‑government, e‑parliament or democracy 2.0, aim to re‑establish the link between citizens and officials by increasing transparency and collaboration. They create spaces for citizens to share their vision for society and debate policy choices or to oversee the integrity of democratic institutions and the quality of public services. Do such initiatives help to improve institutional performance or do they pose a challenge for democracy in terms of data protection and privacy?

Balanced Ballot, Negative Vote Association, China

A Balanced Ballot is a ballot where voters have the option to vote AGAINST or FOR a candidate.  The AGAINST vote would be counted as minus one.  Winner is the person who receives higher net positive votes.  Each voter still has only one vote. The initiative aims at improving all election systems in the world by incorporating the option to vote against. Researches have shown that this would increase voter participation significantly and that so-called “populist” candidates would receive net negative votes.