This category focuses on educational initiatives aimed at increasing citizens’ critical thinking. It also includes innovative tools and methods to make activism more efficient and able to reach a broader audience.

Boiling Point, Mouka Filmi Oy/Boiling Point campaign, Finland

Boiling Point is not only a documentary directed by Elina Hirvonen and produced by Mouka Filmi. It’s also a campaign linked to the film. The goal was to inspire constructive dialogue with the help of the film so that Finnish people would continue to show respect to one another and engage less in hate-mongering. The documentary was shot during 2016 and premiered at DocPoint - Helsinki Documentary Film Festival in January 2017. It was also screened at international film festivals and on the Finnish Broadcasting Company YLE's TV channel in spring 2017. Because the goal of the film was unique, it was screened also in an exceptional way: anybody with an internet connection could arrange a screening at home or publicly during a time period between February and May by ordering a password from the website. The end result was 738 screenings in Finland and in 20 other countries.