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WFD 2018 - Lab Masculinities reexamined - intro

20 November 2018 - 14.30-16.30 - room 9 - Interpretation: FR/EN

Contemporary ideas and practices of manhood help men to stay on top of social hierarchies, taking advantage of privileges that men enjoy over women. Whereas the meaning of masculinity differs within cultural contexts, a strong unifying factor is that men tend to be raised to stay assertive, strong, and decisive. They are trained not to experience or show neither weakness nor pain. Are they therefore more likely to rule over women or other men in politics, the public space and the economy? Paradoxically, the same privileges constitute a heavy burden for men who fear not to live up to expectations of manhood. Their exercise of power over women is also at the heart of gender based violence. What initiatives can bring men to reflect upon this power and privilege? How can men in parliaments and courts, governments and business administrations be encouraged to give up on power?