• GT-ADI-INT has no specific terms of reference. Its mandate and deliverables are embedded in the CDADI Terms of Reference.
  • CDADI Main Tasks vii), iii) and xi) specifically concern GT-ADI-INT, while the deliverables are set out in CDADI Specific Task (iv).


GT-ADI-INT explanatory note on mandate

Information on GT-ADI-INT members


CDADI Terms of Reference state that GT-ADI-INT “shall be composed of representatives of 10 member States with specialised knowledge in intercultural integration and diversity management, designated according to a method which shall have due regard to geographical balance and the existence of Intercultural cities or intercultural city networks in the state concerned, as well as representatives of 10 local authorities that are full members of the Intercultural Cities Programme. Due regard should be given to ensuring a gender balance.”


Ivana D’Alessandro, Secretary

Irena Guidikova, Co-Secretary

Yann Privat, Assistant