No. 108/2014 Finnish Society of Social Rights v. Finland

The complaint, registered on 29 April 2014, relates to Article 12 (right to social security) of the Revised European Social Charter. The complainant organisation alleges that, in seeking continuously to erase unemployment pension, Finland is not maintaining a system of social security at a satisfactory level or endeavoring to raise the system to a higher level, but worsening it sharply, in breach of the above mentioned provision.

The European Committee of Social Rights adopted its decision on admissibility and the merits on 8 December 2016.

In its decision on admissibility and merits, the Committee:

  • unanimously declares the complaint admissible,

and unanimously concludes

  • that there is no violation of Article 12§3 of the Charter;
  •  that there is a violation of Article 13§1 of the Charter.

The Committee of Ministers adopted Resolution Res/CM ChS (2017)8 on 14 June 2017.

 Decision on admissibility and the merits of the Complaint 108/2014

 Resolution ResChS(2017)8 of the Committee of Ministers on 14 June 2017