Third National Internet Governance Forum

Third National Internet Governance Forum

Within the EU funded project “CoE/EU Program “Protecting Internet Freedom through Legislation and Arrangements for Multi-stakeholder Dialogue” the Council of Europe (CoE)” in cooperation with the national and internetational partners such as the Ministry of Economy and Sustainable Developments, Georgian National Communications Commission, Internet Society, ICANN, European IP Networks, Small and Medium Telecom Operators Association of Georgia and representatives of Academia is organizing a third Multi-Stakeholder National internet Governance Forum.

The event is scheduled to take place in Tbilisi on 11-12 September 2017. During the first day the CoE experts together with the beneficiaries and experts will hold the training concerning the importance and different models of the national forums as well as problematic cases related to the cyber security, copyright protection, consumer protection etc.

The main event takes place on 12 September during which the participants will be able to discuss and review a wide range topics existing in the telecommunication sector such as broadband access issues in Georgia, provisions of the new European regulations of data protection, competition and regulations of telecommunication market, domain names market management. Problems related to the fake news and media propaganda will be actively discussed during the national forum as well.

The event is organised within the framework of the joint CoE/EU Program “Protecting Internet Freedom through Legislation and Arrangements for Multi-stakeholder Dialogue”. The project was launched in January 2015 and aims to increase the compliance of national legal frameworks and policies with CoE standards on freedom of expression and the knowledge of relevant state authorities about Council of Europe Internet governance and human rights standards and related European Court of Human Rights case-law.