Training for the Staff of the Labour Inspection Office of Georgia on Communication & Social Skills

14-21 May 2022
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Training for the Staff of the Labour Inspection Office of Georgia on Communication & Social Skills

The Project “Strengthening the Protection of Social and Economic Rights in Georgia” completed four, two-day trainings from 13-21 May 2022 for the staff of the Labour Inspection Office (LIO) of Georgia on communication and social skills, in order to reinforce effective communication, proactive positioning of the institution and to enhance its institutional capacity. The trainings were attended by the labour inspectors and the management of the Labour Inspection Office, including the Chief Labour Inspector, Beka Peradze and the First Deputy of Chief Labour Inspector, Nato Natenadze. In total, 119 staff members were trained.

The Labor Inspection Office is a newly established Legal Entity under the Public Law and needs to strengthen social skills of its employees in order to effectively implement their primary mandate – protect labour rights in Georgia. The aim of this activity was to facilitate high-quality work under communication with employers, employees or other interested third parties in general, which will make the work of LIO even more productive. At the same time, satisfaction shared from society will help LIO gain public trust in the long term, which is the most important element of the effective functioning of the Office.

This training will help the staff of the Labour Inspection Office to develop professional communication skills; self-confidence in the communication process; manage conflict situations; avoid relationship barriers and typical mistakes in conflict situations. The role of labour inspectors in this area is particularly important, as they constantly communicate with different types of employers and employees and other interested third parties during their professional activities, which requires relevant skills in order to effectively manage conflicts and emotions.

Beka Peradze, the head of Labour Inspection Office, the Chief Labour Inspector evaluated the Project very positively – “It is an important fact that the training fully met our expectations and needs: for employees to fully master the skills needed for effective communication and develop relevant skills that will help labour inspectors and other employees become even more effective in communicating with both employees and employers.” He emphasized importance of continued fruitful cooperation with the Project “Strengthening Protections of Social and Economic Rights” which will contribute to the effective enforcement of labour legislation in the country.

The event was organised within the framework of the Council of Europe Project “Strengthening Protection of Social and Economic Rights in Georgia.” The Project is part of the Council of Europe Action Plan for Georgia 2020-2023.