State Inspector’s Service staff trained on effective communication

State Inspector’s Service staff trained on effective communication

In November and December 2021, 55 members of staff of the State Inspector’s Service (SIS), namely managerial staff and investigators, participated in three 3-day training sessions on effective communication.

The aim of this capacity raising action was to support the SIS staff in adopting human-rights compliant principles of communication and raising awareness of the general public on the implemented actions and ongoing reforms of the Service which contribute to a strengthened protection of human rights and the fight against ill-treatment by police.

Following this training, participants were equipped with the knowledge and skills to carry out effective daily communication with offenders, public authorities, representatives of civil society and the public at large on a wide range of topics.

This activity was organised within the framework of the CoE Project “Human Rights Compliant Policing in Georgia” (HRCPG) which is designed to address the issues related to effective policing in line with human rights standards; the rights of detained persons and their treatment by police; the treatment of juvenile victims and offenders; effective investigation into alleged ill-treatment by police and effective remedies against police misconduct.

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