Resource Officers of Educational Institutions ready to promote Human Rights Education

Resource Officers of Educational Institutions ready to promote Human Rights Education

The Council of Europe Office in Georgia continues its close cooperation with the Office of Resource Officers of Educational Institutions by organising a Training of Trainers on human rights education for seventeen Resource Officers from west Georgia.

The activity equipped the Resource Officers with the knowledge on human rights standards, issues and realities as well as specific human rights education training and presentation skills. Among others, the participants explored the topic of hate speech, discrimination and related legal aspects; stereotypes and prejudices; bullying and cyber bullying; rights of children with disabilities and special educational needs.

This Training of Trainers enables the participants to manage the human rights education process more effectively with their colleagues, students/pupils and all stakeholders involved in school life. It helps to ensure the successful planning and implementation of various educational campaigns and other awareness-raising initiatives.

The training was conducted by the Council of Europe experts, who were involved in the development of the Human Rights Education Programme for Resource Officers. The Human Rights Education Programme was developed by the end of 2019 through the joint co-operation between the Office of Resource Officers and the Council of Europe. Since 2019, in total up to 60 staff members (psychologists, social workers and resource officers) have been trained as trainers.

This activity is implemented in the framework of the project “Promoting the Effective Protection of Equality and Non-Discrimination in Georgia.” The Project is funded through the Council of Europe Action Plan for Georgia 2020-2023.