Call for the selection of national trainers on the issues related to the European Convention of Human Rights

Call for the selection of national trainers on the issues related to the European Convention of Human Rights

The Council of Europe has launched the Project “Enhancing Implementation of Human Rights Practices and Education in Georgia” that is implemented by in Georgia. The Project aims at improving the national application of European human rights standards and enhancement of parliamentary oversight over the execution of the European Court of Human Rights (ECtHR) judgments rendered in respect of Georgia.

The Project will help establishing a large and competent pool of national trainers on various topics of the European Convention of Human Rights, who will go thought a specifically tailored training programme.

In this context, the Council of Europe is announcing a call to select the legal professional (judges, defense lawyers, prosecutors, academics and staff of National Training Institutions (NTIs)) to take part in Training of Trainers programme (ToT) strengthening their competences in variety of subjects concerning the application of European Convention on Human Rights and case law of the Court. The ToT will also provide the necessary pedagogical and presentation skills enhancement in addition to the in-depth learning course on selected human rights subjects. The tailor-made knowledge gained at the ToT, will ensure sustainability of national training capacity on human rights subjects and serve as a permanent ground for continuous professional development of the trainers and the NTI’s in general. In order to sharpen the trainer’s knowledge and skills after the ToT, further cascade capacity building activities will be organised for various groups of legal professionals.

Eligibility criteria:

  • Master’s Degree (or equivalent) in law
  • Minimum three years of academic or practical experience in human rights

Documents to be provided:

  • A detailed CV in Georgian or English demonstrating clearly that the candidate’s experience in the area of human rights
  • A list of previous work (e.g. expert opinions, articles, legislation assessments, reports, researches and/or other similar materials)

Only short-listed candidates will be contacted. The CoE reserves the right to hold interview with the candidate, if considered necessary.

Application should be sent to the following e-mail address: [email protected]

All questions regarding this specific call for proposals must be sent at the latest 5 days before the deadline for the submission of proposals, and shall be sent to the following address [email protected]

Application deadline is 11 July 2022