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The Convention on the Manipulation of Sports Competitions (the Macolin Convention)

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The Convention on the Manipulation of Sports Competitions (the Macolin Convention) was opened for signature on 18 September 2014, at the 13th Council of Europe Conference of Ministers responsible for Sport in Macolin, Switzerland.


3rd International Conference on the fight against the manipulation of sports competitions – promotion and implementation of the Macolin Convention


The Council of Europe (Sport Conventions Division, DGII) will organise the next conference in Strasbourg on 24 and 25 September 2018.



The 3rd Strasbourg Conference is an important step in the Macolin Roadmap for which the ultimate goal is the entry into force of the Macolin Convention. So far, several countries are actively engaged in systematic actions against the manipulation of sport competitions, and others are increasingly being accompanied in strengthening national legal frameworks, as well as implementing national action plans, or setting up legally sound co-operation structures and procedures, as for example the National Platforms.

The time is opportune within this context to enhance the importance of the diversity of actors who participate (or should participate) in cooperation systems within the framework of the Macolin Convention.

The 3rd Strasbourg Conference will pay tribute to their efforts in the current environment (1+1=2 – where efforts result in direct impact), while demonstrating added advantages created by the Macolin Convention in establishing new approaches and innovative partnerships (1+1=3 – where efforts are combined, multiplied, for multinational and multi-sectorial impact).



The 3rd Strasbourg Conference will unite a maximum of members of the National Platforms and national stakeholders. As part of thematic workshops, they will collectively identify the specific problems they are facing during their daily activities, and decide on priorities to be addressed by preparing solutions using various articles of the Macolin Convention.

The 3rd Strasbourg Conference should share experiences and produce knowledge capable of helping National Platforms to develop efficient strategies making them more inclusive in involving a maximum of stakeholders, and more operational in preventing and detecting all types of sports manipulations. The National Platforms will therefore be able to provide means to the national, regional and international law enforcement and judiciary agencies to increase their capacities and efficiency for investigating and sanctioning against the manipulation of sports competitions.



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