Since 2016, the “Macolin Roadmap" has structured the activities carried out by the Council of Europe in reference to the Macolin Convention. It specifies needs and suggests synergies to be created with other international players.


The main objectives of the Council of Europe are:


  1. The ratification of the Macolin Convention by as many states as possible;
  2. The development of "National Platforms" and their transnational network (The Group of Copenhagen);
  3. The assistance and consultation to public authorities and institutions.


By joining the "Macolin Roadmap", the partners share the idea that the only way to sustain the fight against sports manipulation is to carry out an ambitious and coherent set of actions, aimed at concrete results, as part of a properly funded structured activity program, and better coordination between international activities and projects.


The "Macolin Roadmap" has been enriched with the conclusions of the 3rd International Conference 2018 against the manipulation of sports competitions, organised in Strasbourg by the Council of Europe. The 14 priorities identified are structured as the following:


On the one hand, according to the three components of the "Macolin Process" followed by the public authorities:


  1. An integrated national approach;
  2. the National cooperation involving all actors;
  3. the transnational and international coordination to protect the integrity of sport.


On the other hand, according to five major challenges posed to the National Platforms:


  1. Understand the threat that sports manipulation poses to sport and society;
  2. Building trust between the actors gathered within the National Platforms to enable the collection, sharing and processing of information;
  3. Create a legal and cultural environment that can enhance the reporting of suspicious activities through effective mechanisms;
  4. Focus on prevention by improving education and awareness programs;
  5. Encourage the systematic application of the Macolin Convention;



The "priority action grid" that results from this cross between national policy needs and challenges does not comprehensively cover all the issues addressed in the Macolin Convention. This grid, however, proposes some important topics for the National Platforms and on which international actors are called upon to engage in order to develop effective responses to all types of sports manipulations and corruptions associated with it.