We have now reached 68 projects on the platform !

26 March 2022
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Many thanks to all contributors!

Continue to circulate the information about the platform!

This database provides project descriptions, including contact information, of projects aiming to promote the social inclusion of migrants in and through sport across Europe.

The objective of this pool of projects is to:

  • give visibility and recognition to projects aiming to include migrants in and through sport by facilitating data sharing with the public in general and experts in particular;
  • create an evidence-based platform for sport, migrant and inclusion projects;
  • provide learning opportunities and an active network of managers who are implementing inclusion projects for migrants, by sharing information and exchanging good practices;
  • inspire others via the pool of good practices and success stories to replicate/ adapt new inclusion projects in and through sport.


One of the main results of the EPAS Annual Conference of Vienna in June 2016 was the setting up of this database for inclusion projects in sport, targeting migrants. In 2018, the first network meeting of project leaders listed in the EPAS project pool confirmed the importance and usefulness of such a database to exchange information, share good practices and inspire others.

Benefit from the sport, migrant, inclusion database!

The benefits which can be drawn from this pool of projects are manifold. Besides being inspired by the projects’ concepts and results, public authorities and other stakeholders such as researchers and academics can check which inclusion projects are implemented in which countries. The evidence- based platform and the mapping of projects provided through this tool, can be the starting point for important follow-up initiatives with regard to policy, programme and project development.

See the list of projects