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1. Your attraction to someone else relates to your:

  • (1)sexual orientation
  • gender identity
  • gravitational force

Sexual orientation: profound affection, emotional and sexual attraction to other individuals (you can be heterosexual, lesbian, gay, bisexual, asexual, etc.)

2. Your deep and individual experience of your gender relates to your:

  • sexual orientation
  • zodiac sign
  • (1)gender identity

Gender identityeach person's deeply felt internal and individual experience of gender, which may or may not correspond with the gender they were assigned at birth (cisgender, transgender)

3. The way you manifest your gender, for example through dress, speech or mannerisms, relates to your:

  • (1)gender expression
  • blood alcohol levels
  • sexual orientation

Gender expression: the way a person manifests their gender identity to others, for instance through dress, speech and mannerisms, and it may or may not match their gender identity

4. If you identify with the gender you were assigned at birth, you are:

  • transgender
  • (1)cisgender
  • gentrified

Cisgendera person whose experience of their gender matches the gender they were assigned at birth

5. If you don’t identify with the gender you were assigned at birth, you are:

  • a jedi
  • (1)transgender
  • cisgender

Transgender: people whose gender identity differs from the gender they were assigned at birth

6. If you are attracted to both men and women, you are:

  • (1)bisexual
  • bionic
  • non-binary

Bisexual: a person emotionally and/or sexually attracted to persons of more than one gender

7. If you do not identify as male or female, you are:

  • bisexual
  • (1)non-binary
  • polyglot

Non-binary: identities which are outside the gender binary of male and female

8. If you are not sexually attracted to other people, regardless of their gender, you are:

  • bisexual
  • anarchist
  • (1)asexual

Asexuala person who does not experience sexual attraction

9. Can asexual people fall in love?

  • (1)Of course, why wouldn’t they?
  • No, that’s the whole point
  • Only on Tuesdays and with vegans

Asexual people may very well be romantically attracted to someone and establish romantic relationships with their partners

10. If you do not express your gender in a binary way (feminine or masculine), you are:

  • (1)androgynous
  • asexual
  • David Bowie

Androgynous: a person whose gender expression is a mixture of the expression of masculine and feminine gender.

11. Are intersex persons necessarily non-binary?

  • Yes, it’s the same thing
  • (1)No, it has nothing to do with gender identity
  • No, but they must be anti-capitalist

Intersex people are born with biological sex characteristics that do not fit societal norms or medical definitions of what makes a person male or female. They identify as male, female or non-binary, just like anyone else.

12. If you challenge heteronormative social norms concerning gender and sexuality, you are:

  • Going to hell
  • (1)Queer
  • (1)Ally

Queer: Previously used as a derogatory term to refer to LGBTI individuals, it has been reclaimed by people who identify beyond traditional gender categories and heteronormative social norms.

Ally: a (typically) straight and/or cis person who supports members of the LGBT community


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