Launching of the new review cycle of the implementation of the Recommendation (2010)5 of the CM

How are member States combatting discrimination on grounds of sexual orientation or gender identity?
23 March 2018
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The CDDH has launched the review process of the implementation of the CM/Rec(2010)5 of the Committee of Ministers to member states on measures to combat discrimination on grounds of sexual orientation or gender identity.

Adopted on 31 March 2010, the Recommendation enhances the full enjoyment of all human rights by lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender persons, and establishes that discrimination and social exclusion on account of sexual orientation or gender identity must be overcome by measures targeted both at those who experience such discrimination or exclusion, and the population at large. The text of the Recommendation is the first international instrument dealing specifically with the question of discrimination based on sexual orientation and gender identity.

In 2018, following the decision of the CDDH, the SOGI Unit, in coordination with the Network of European Governmental LGBTI Focal Point and in consultation with civil society, has drafted a questionnaire on existing measures and examples of good practices related to the implementation of the Recommendation.

The SOGI Unit will further coordinate the collection of replies, undertake desk research, analyse the submissions and prepare a preliminary draft Report, to be adopted by the CDDH in June 2019.

This process follows a first review cycle carried out in 2012-2013 by the CDDH.

We would like to underline the important role given to the European Governmental LGBTI Focal Points Network in the review process under this review cycle, as well as the explicit invitation to NGOs to contribute.

We therefore encourage the submission of replies to the questionnaire from all stakeholders by June 30, 2018. Up-to-date and comprehensive information on the implementation of the Recommendation in the member States will provide a picture of the state of play in Europe and enable the SOGI Unit to draw out the main priorities for the years to come and guide its technical assistance activities.

 Download the questionnaire

 Resources from the 2012-2013 review process


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