Council of Europe Secretary General Jagland concerned about recent events in Ferguson, Missouri, USA

Strasbourg , 

Statement of Secretary General Jagland on recent events in Ferguson, Missouri, USA: “The recent violent events in Ferguson, Missouri after the shooting of an unarmed teenager raise concern. I am particularly concerned by the reported use of excessive force by the police against peaceful protesters and their arrest, including journalists covering the events, as this undermines the full exercise of human rights, starting with the rights to freedom of assembly and freedom of expression. These rights are cornerstones of democracy and any restriction should be lawful and proportionate. Both public authorities and protesters should show  restraint and responsibility. I  trust that a proper investigation will be carried out into the killing. When the USA became an observer State to the Council of Europe, it accepted to uphold the principles and values of our Organisation. I call upon US authorities to look into the socio-economic background for the reasons why so many peaceful protesters went to the streets”.