The database on Roma-related policies and good practices came about as a result of the Strasbourg Declaration adopted at the high level meeting on Roma on 20 October 2010.

In this Declaration, Council of Europe member states urged the Council of Europe to further develop co-operation with national, regional and local authorities and international organisations in collecting, analysing, exchanging and disseminating information on policies and good practice on Roma. They also encouraged it to provide advice and support at the request of national, regional and local authorities as well as practical assistance in the implementation of new policy initiatives.

The database aims to meet these needs. It contains demonstrated practices (which received awards or for which assessment of impact has already been conducted), replicated practices (that have been already transferred at various levels: local, regional, national or European), as well as promising practices (which are potentially good practices but need further assessment of their impact in the long run).

The database engine gives the possibility to identify good practices by theme and country.

Database of Roma-related policies and good practices

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Presentation of COE Database on Roma related policies and good practices

Year : 2013
Country : France (Strasbourg)
Language : English