Back “Tackling Gender Stereotypes and Sexism”: international conference in Helsinki

Council of Europe Strasbourg 27 March 2019
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Helsinki (Finland).

Helsinki (Finland).

Gender stereotypes and sexism represent a serious limit to the achievement of substantive gender equality: equal rights for women and men in all spheres of public and private life. Gender stereotypes and sexism contribute to different forms of hate speech (on line and off-line) and discrimination based on factors such as ethnicity, age, social class, disability, gender identity, sexual orientation or sexuality. Gender stereotypes and sexism could spill-over in creating the conditions and the justification for violence against women.

Taking innovative and efficient measures to eliminate harmful gender stereotypes and sexism is therefore the aim of the Council of Europe international conference “Tackling Gender Stereotypes and Sexism” (Helsinki, House of Estates –Säätytalo- Snellmaninkatu 9-11, on 28-29 March), organised in the framework of the Finnish Presidency of the Committee of Ministers.

The event will be opened by Deputy Secretary General Gabriella Battaini-Dragoni, together with Minister of Family Affairs and Social Services of Finland, Annika Saarikko, with a focus on three areas /contexts:

  1. Countering stereotypical forces at work and in the public space.
  2.  Violence, sexual harassment and sexist hate speech as manifestations of the harmful effects of gender stereotypes;
  3. Tackling gender stereotypes and sexist images of gender – on-line and in the media.

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