Electoral training procedures aim at ensuring effective procedural guarantees for the conduct of democratic elections, both for election administrations and election observers. In parallel, it is essential to inform voters about the upcoming elections and to raise their awareness on the issues at stake as well as the importance of their participation. Tailor-made educational material is frequently used to address specific categories of voters.

Elections and Participatory Democracy Division:

  • Electoral cooperation, technical assistance and advice, capacity building of election commissions and electoral stakeholders
  • Cooperation programmes in Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Georgia, Republic of Moldova, Ukraine
  • Raising voter awareness and enhance participation in elections

Directorate of Democratic Participation, Youth Department:

  • Providing education and training for youth organisations (offered by the European Youth Centres)
  • Grants to national and international NGO’s to support their youth participation projects provided by the European Youth Foundation (EYF)

European Commission for Democracy Through Law (Venice Commission):

  • Electoral assistance

Anti-Discrimination Department, Steering Committee on Anti-Discrimination, Diversity and Inclusion (CDADI):

  • Training for electoral participation and raising of Roma voter awareness and enhance participation in elections
  • Roma Political Schools – Promoting Roma Political Participation and Civic Engagement

Information Society Department:

  • Raising awareness and capacity building on elections security
  • Cyber East Project, thematic video on election interference/election cyber threats, webinar on preparation for elections security and provided technical exercise focusing on election security

Congress, Observation of Local and Regional Elections: