The lessons learned from past elections, are paramount for the starting of any new electoral cycle. Even if the line between two cycles is rather blurred, one electoral cycle follows another and thus shows the continuity and sustainability of this democratic moment which is an election.

PACE, Election Observation and Interparliamentary Cooperation Division:

  • Follow-up by the Monitoring Committee of the PACE on problems identified in observation reports in the framework of the monitoring procedures

Congress, Observation of Local and Regional Elections:

  • Election observation reports including recommendations approved by the Monitoring Committee and adopted at Congress Plenary Sessions
  • Follow-up on recommendations: reports on recurring and transversal thematic issues and post-electoral dialogue Awareness raising and capacity building in the framework of cooperation programmes in selected countries

European Commission for Democracy Through Law (Venice Commission):

  • Conferences and seminars on elections related issues/thematics essentially in close cooperation with the Venice Commission
  • Report on Election dispute resolution CDLAD(2020)025

Group of States Against Corruption (GRECO):

  • Monitoring compliance by GRECO member States with the CoE’s standards on prevention of corruption in respect of members of parliament, judges and prosecutors (GRECO 4th Evaluation Round)
  • Involvement and participation in internal and external events (PACE, UN, OECD, etc.)

Elections and Participatory Democracy Division:

  • Followup to PACE, Congress, Venice Commission as well as OSCE/ODIHR recommendations
  • Producing toolkits and carrying out research on electoral matters and trends
  • Running the Council of Europe Compendium of Electoral Data (ElecData)

Directorate of Democratic Participation, Youth Department:

  • Organising research and knowledge sharing for young people to strengthen youth civil society, democratic citizenship and participation (youth partnership)

Anti-Discrimination Department, Steering Committee on Anti-Discrimination, Diversity and Inclusion (CDADI):

  • Study on the active political participation of national minority youth in Council of Europe member states/ CDADI