The Council of Europe implements a paperless procurement tool: e-procurement

In order to follow EU regulations that is, step by step, pushing for more digital Tenders (mandatory in France starting from the 1st  October 2018), the Council of Europe introduced in 2019 its new e-procurement solution.

This project is led by the Procurement Department (DGA) et EDQM, together with DIT (strategy 2018-2022). Its targets are, among others, to harmonise and modernise the current tool, simplify and optimise procurement, reduce costs and leadtimes, improve internal controls.

As a supplier of the Organisation, this tool will enable you to :

  • work on a modern platform, dedicated to procurement and identic for all suppliers,
  • search for new calls for tenders published by the Council of Europe,
  • to submit your offers,
  • to share messages and clarifications with us regarding active Tenders,
  • to sign your contracts,
  • to upload your invoices,

In order to offer you better support, the Organisation prepared User Guides (PDF and video) to facilitate registration on the platform and to make easier its daily use.

Please note that the Council of Europe organises two main types of Tenders (Light procedure / Full procedure). Main difference is at the QUESTIONNAIRE step : if you are requested to fill-in information (technical and/or economical), please refer to the Guides Full Procedure.

Registration: PDF


Search a call for tenders: 

Submit an offer:

5’35 : if there is an amendment to the procedure
6’55 : you need to replace your offer
8’ : verify your offer has been submitted

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Access to E-procurement