Following the High-Level meeting, intergovernmental work on Roma issues has been upgraded: on 16 February 2011 the Ministers Deputies adopted terms of reference for a new Committee of Experts (CAHROM) to be answerable directly to the Committee of Ministers. The terms of reference - which have been renewed by the Ministers Deputies for the years 2018-2019 - place emphasis on the analysis and evaluation of the implementation of national policies and thematic exchanges of experience and good practices. European Union institutions, international organisations, the European Roma and Travellers Forum and other relevant (Roma and Traveller) organisations are associated as observers to the CAHROM.

Composition of CAHROM Composition of CAHROM
Endorsed thematic reports (host countries in bold) Endorsed thematic reports (host countries in bold)
CAHROM Secretariat CAHROM Secretariat

Michaël Guet, Secretary of CAHROM

Malgorzata Rozycka, Seconded National Expert to the Roma and Travellers Team of the Council of Europe

Ljiljana Stojisavljevic, Assistant 

Last Plenary Report Last Plenary Report