2017 edition 2017 edition
Celebrating the intrinsic relationship between people and nature
Council of Europe Strasbourg 8 September 2017
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European Heritage Days 2017

The European Heritage Days (EHDs), a joint initiative of the Council of Europe and the European Commission, are the most widely celebrated participatory cultural events shared by the citizens of Europe. The pan-European nature of the events contributes to bringing citizens together and highlighting the European dimension and the value of cultural heritage in the 50 signatory States of the European Cultural Convention. Over 70 000 events are organised every year in order to help raise awareness of Europe's common heritage and the continuous need for its protection, as well as to create shared cultural heritage experiences, promote inclusiveness and foster creativity and imagination.

In this year’s edition, the #EHDs are celebrating the intrinsic relationship between people and nature under the common theme: “Heritage and Nature: A Landscape of Possibilities”. Emphasis is given to heritage values embodied in nature and to the extent to which the environment shapes people's lives and lifestyles and its contribution to their well-being and socio-economic growth.

2016 edition 2016 edition

Celebrating the people behind the places

Strasbourg, 12/09/2016

As custodians of local traditions, histories and values, Heritage Communities are the living transmission of Europe’s cultural richness. Under the pan-European theme of “Heritage and Communities”, this year’s European Heritage Days’ events will bring together 50 European countries in a celebration of citizens’ roles in promoting and sharing common European heritage. Throughout the Continent, more than 50 000 national and local events will celebrate Europe’s true treasure – its communities and the people behind the places. Museums, galleries, historic archives and libraries will be brought into the spotlight to encourage active participation in heritage conservation and interpretation. (more...)

2015 Edition 2015 Edition

Spotlight on Europe’s Industrial Heritage

Strasbourg/Brussels, 04/09/2015 

Canals, mines, breweries, potteries, forges, railways, cotton mills tell us as much about our heritage as celebrated archaeological sites, cathedrals and castles. This year Europe has come together to examine our shared past through the unique lens of our Industrial Heritage, with more than 30 countries joining this common theme.

In September, people across the Continent will visit thousands of sites for free, most of them only open to the public during European Heritage Days. With over 20 million people participating in over 50 000 heritage events, European Heritage Days is a unique opportunity to shine a light on the historic economic links Europeans share through the vast legacy of industrial heritage sites. (more...)

2013 edition 2013 edition
Council of Europe
Strasbourg/Brussels 29/08/2013
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European Heritage Days: 50 countries offer free access to historic sites

Millions of people will enjoy free access to thousands of rarely opened historic and cultural sites in 50 countries throughout September as part of the annual European Heritage Days, a joint initiative of the European Commission and Council of Europe. The 2013 European Heritage Days are officially launched tomorrow (30 August) in Yerevan, Armenia, which currently holds the Chairmanship of the Council of Europe's Committee of Ministers. A new interactive website will also be launched on the same day: it will provide details of the sites which are open to the public, as well as information about special events taking place in each country to tie in with the Heritage Days.

As usual, this year's European Heritage Days is brimming with a rich and varied range of fascinating sites and events which bring history alive. In Northern Ireland, for instance, visitors will be invited to imagine going into battle during the Middle Ages as they "feel the heft of a sword and the weight of chain mail and the clang of a helmet visor". 'Power and Glory' is the theme in the Netherlands, where visitors will be able to experience 400 years of history. Sweden's 'Meeting Places' will offer an emotional journey to places of encounter and departure over the centuries, while Switzerland will light up the heritage landscape through the theme of fire, light and energy. (more...)