The training activities of the Pestalozzi Programme are open to all education professionals in Europe*

The specific target group as well as the working language for each training course are indicated in the description of the activity. You can apply for the training course of your choice provided you have the required professional profile and the necessary language skills. You must be able to sustain a professional discussion and debate in the working language of the course (minimum B2, CoE levels).


Please use the online application sytem (one application by activity) and be as brief and concise as possible while giving all the necessary information (in English or French only).

  1. Online application procedure (to help you before, during and after the procedure of registration

  2. Online application system(only one form by activity in english or in french)

Travel and subsistence costs are covered by the Council of Europe and the organisers of the training.
If you experience any problems please contact the Secretariat

Trainer training courses (European Modules)
Pestalozzi Programme Summer School
  • The Pestalozzi Programme Summer School is an intensive course of eight full days of training which takes place at the Academy of Bad Wildbad. (More info...)
  • Rules for the Pestalozzi Summer School
  • You can apply using the online registration system[More].
  • Candidates can only participate in one European Workshop OR Summer School in a two year period
European Workshops
National dissemination and training events
  • National dissemination and training events are events of 1-3 days duration organised by an NLO to disseminate information on the Pestalozzi Programme of the Council of Europe and/ or to train a group of national multipliers on a particular theme in relation to the priorities of the Council of Europe in education.
  • You can apply using the online registration system[More].
  • All informations about national dissemination and training events are on the 2016 calendar.

* states signatory to the European Cultural Convention


Programme is the
Council of Europe's programme for the
professional development
of teachers and
education actors.