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Pestalozzi Calendar Pestalozzi Calendar

Competences for Europe - Germany

01/11/2017 - 03/11/2017
European Workshop
Public event

Deadline for application: 30 September 2017

Online registration system

Working language: German

Places for national participants: 25

Places for international participants: 6


No matter if it concerns the consequences of the euro crisis or the challenges related to refugees: "Europe" is more present than ever. Many citizens are no longer aware of the achievements they owe to the EU. Younger people are not at all familiar with the European situation before the EU. Furthermore, they are not very concerned with the issue of Europe, although they will be affected by the decisions which are made today. The subject of Europe should be part of our schools – this is what everyone would agree on. But how can we bring young people to the knowledge and experience with Europe in the school environment and provide them with the skills they need as responsible European citizens? The European Competence Certificate course gives answers and would like to support such committed teachers in delivering European issues at school.

Expected results

The information given during this training course will enable participants to carry out  Europa-related projects at their school which will offer pupils the opportunity to experience Europe.

Target groups

Teachers and school heads for the age group 6 - 19

Location : Germany


The Pestalozzi Programme was the Council of Europe's programme for the professional development of teachers until the end of 2017.