Last updated : 24/11/2017

Status regarding Budapest Convention

Status : Party Signed : 23/11/2001 Ratified : 20/06/2002 Declarations and reservations : Declarations regarding Article 24, paragraph 7, Article 27, paragraph 2; no reservations See legal profile

Cybercrime policies/strategies

Decision of the Council of Ministers No. 973 from 02.12.2015  “On approval of Cyber Security Document 2015 – 2017”
National Security Strategy 2014-2020
Decision of the Council of Ministers No. 284 from 01.04.2015  Digital Agenda of Albania (2014 - 2020)
Law  No. 2/2017 on Cybersecurity from 26.01.2017
Decision of the Council of Ministers No. 141 from 22.02.2017, “On organising and functioning of national authority for electronic certification and cybersecurity”

Specialised institutions

Albanian State Police, Cybercrime Unit

Bank of Albania (BSH)

Department of Classified Information Security (DSIK)

Electronic and Postal Communication Authority

Electronic Certification National Authority (AKCE)

General Prosecutor Office, Cybercrime Unit

Information Society National Agency (AKSHI)

Infosec Security and Defense Intelligent Agency, Infosec & Cyber Defense

Ministry of Defense, Department of Digitalization and Innovation

National Cyber Security Agency (ALCIRT)

The Information and Data Protection Commissioner

Jurisprudence/case law

Sources and links,al;

Albanian State Police made available to the public a specialised online platform to report in real-time cybercrimes: Denonco Krimin Kompjuterik
Albanian legislation