Transnational History Education and Co-operation Laboratory – HISTOLAB

During the 1st Annual Conference of the Observatory on History Teaching in Europe in December 2021, the European Commission, represented by Vice-President Margaritis Schinas announced its eagerness to support the creation of a joint project to reinforce OHTE co-operation activities and to broaden their scope to all 46 Council of Europe member states.

On this basis, the Joint Project “Transnational History Education and Co-operation Laboratory – HISTOLAB” was created between the European Commission and the Council of Europe. It was formally launched on 1 May 2022.

What will HISTOLAB do?

HISTOLAB will facilitate the co-operation between different stakeholders in the field of history education with the aim of amplifying the values and recommendations of the Council of Europe with regard to history education and promote their implementation through teaching practices.

HISTOLAB shall encourage the exchange of knowledge, experiences, and expertise across professions in the field of history education, namely practitioners (such as teachers, museologists), academics, junior researchers, and policymakers in order to move the needle in the debate on history education by including multiple professional perspectives.

HISTOLAB will also focus on the exchange of expertise and good practices horizontally, both between professionals and countries. In doing so, HISTOLAB will not only reflect on, identify, and promote good practices in history education, but also provide ample opportunities for professional development and networking. Accordingly, the JP targets young researchers and professionals working in history education and provides opportunities to advance their knowledge, to network across professional boundaries, and to support them in gaining professional experience.

Another primary output is the “Guidelines on countering history distortion and disinformation online” for users, educators, and online platforms to strengthen media literacy and resilience against the misuse of history undermining democratic values.

More information on HISTOLAB will be published soon. The digital hub and its secondary functions will soon be subject to a call for tenders.


  • Duration: 24 months (1 May 2022 – 30 April 2024)
  • Place / country: Council of Europe member states
  • Budget: 1 111 111 €
  • Funding: Joint Programme, funded by the EU (90%) and the Council of Europe (10%), implemented by the Council of Europe