North-South Centre

The NSC of the CoE promotes dialogue and cooperation between Europe, the Southern Mediterranean and Africa and aims to build a global citizenship based on human rights and citizens' responsibilities

Migration and Human rights at the centre of the debate in November in Lisbon.

Under the chairmanship of North-South Prize 2015 laureate Miss Lora Pappa, the Lisbon Forum 2016 will take place on the 24 and 25 November and will focus on the key issue of “Migration and Human Rights: how to structure effective collective action? Best practices and shared knowledge in the Mediterranean and European Space.

The LisbonForum will aim at increasing awareness and understanding of the global dimension of the migration crisis and enhance cooperation at regional and international level for the management of this crisis through exchange of experience and good practice from across CoE member states and Southern Mediterranean partner countries. 


Romania joined the North-South Centre

As of  September 2016, Romania joined a list of 17 countries who share the purpose to promote gender empowerment, youth participation and democratic consolidation through intercultural dialogue in cooperation with civil society, local authorities, governments and parliaments. Currently, the North-South Centre of the CoE’s member States are Andorra, Azerbaijan, Bulgaria, Cape Verde, Croatia, Cyprus, Greece, Holy See, Liechtenstein, Luxembourg, Malta, Montenegro, Morocco, Portugal, San Marino, Serbia and Spain. More…

The European Union and the Council of Europe join forces to promote Global Development Education and youth cooperation in Europe 

For the next three years, the "iLEGEND, Intercultural Learning Exchange through Global Education, Networking and Dialogue", will foster inclusive and equitable quality education to promote peaceful and inclusive societies, mainly through global development education and intercultural dialogue. A new project, which will strengthen global development education in EU member States by promoting dialogue, networking strategies, capacity building and exchange of good education practices, was launched last July by the European Commission and the Council of Europe. More

EUR-OPA Major Hazards Agreement

Conference on Migrants, asylum seekers and refugees – 14 october – Ismaili Centre Lisbon

The EUR-OPA Major Hazards, in co-operation with the North-South Center, will hold a Conference on Migrants, asylum seekers and refugees to natural and technological hazards on 14 October 2016 in Lisbon, Portugal. The event will be the culmination of the current EUR-OPA work programme on “Migrants, asylum seekers and refugees in the context of major risks prevention and management” and the occasion to present results, promising practices, guidelines for action and a declaration with recommendations for action across Europe. More


The call for nominations for 2016 North South Prize  is now closed

Thank you to everyone who took the time to prepare and submit a candidature for the 2016 North South Prize! The call for proposal closed on Thursday, 8 September, 2016. Each proposal will be carefully reviewed and assessed, laureates of 2016 will be announced in December. Awarded every year since 1995, the North-South Prize distinguishes two candidates, preferably one from the North and the other from the South, who have stood out for their exceptional commitment to promoting “North-South” solidarity and global interdependence.


17th University on Youth and Development soon to kick off

The 17th edition of the UYD will take place in Mollina, Spain at the Centre for Euro-Latin American Youth (CEULAJ) from 18th to 25th September.For a week, several activities will bring together around 250 people coming from all over the world with the aim of debating and learning more about the topic of “connecting identities”. More


Global Education activities in second semester of 2016 

In the framework of the iLegend, the new Grant Agreement signed with the European Commission for the next three years, the North-South Centre is ready to initiate its activities in the field of Global Education (GE) planned for this period.

The North-South Centre Global Education plan of activities, based on the Zagreb Global Education Congress strategic recommendations, and following the UN Sustainable Development Goal's monitoring process, will cover three dimensions: policy-development, capacity-building, awareness-raising and networking. More


Acting Together for a World of Peace

The theme for the 2016 Global Education Week, from 12 to 20 November, is “Acting Together for a World of Peace”. The choice of this topic resulted from a discussion between GEW Network co-ordinators, choosing Peace as a priority issue considering the international context. This theme is also in line with the NSC’s mandate with regard to raising awareness on North-South and global interdependence issues. It is linked to the nature of GEW and its relation to the Sustainable Development Goals. 


Latest editions in Albanian and Chinese  -Now available in 15 languages

Latest translated versions of the Global Education Guidelines include Albanian and Chinese.

This fundamental pedagogical tool is now available in 15 languages, providing practitioners – from both the formal and non-formal education sectors – with general elements and competences, which they can develop and adapt to their local context.

The Guidelines are now available in French, English, Portuguese, Spanish, Italian, Greek, Arabic, Bulgarian, Polish, Slovenian, Montenegrin, German, Macedonian, Albanian and Chinese. More


17th UYD – 20-25 September 2016 – Mollina, Spain

Focus group on Connecting Women; Challenging Stereotypes

Following the training course CIS-Gender EQ, that took place during the Mediterranean University on Youth and Development, last May in Hammamet, the North-South Centre is organising a focus group that aims to deepen the understanding of deconstructing gender stereotypes by focusing and confronting stereotypes targeting women from the South and the North of the Mediterranean. 10 participants, from both sides of the Mediterranean region - Jordan, Morocco, Palestine, Tunisia, Libya, Turkey, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Serbia, Greece and Sweden- will attend the training, that will take place in the context of the 17th University on Youth and Development.” More


Womenpreneur a project to support women entrepreneurs from the Middle East and North Africa regions

Former participant of the first training of trainers on Structured Participation of Young Women in Democratic Processes, in September 2015, Sanaa Afouaiz has recently launched the organisation Womenpreneur.

The organisation supports women entrepreneurs from the Middle East and North Africa regions to grow scalable businesses, accompany them through the process of delivering their initiatives and to address the key challenges impacting on the growth of female led business initiatives. More


Applications for first semester 2017 are still open

The North-South Centre of the Council of Europe offers traineeships twice a year for a period of three to five months. Interested candidates from all member states of the Council of Europe or/and the North South Centre, can apply until 31 October. We are now accepting candidates from Morocco and Cape Verde.

Our internship programme offers young people the unique opportunity to work in an international and intercultural environment, while taking advantage of the unique foundation principle of the NSC, that enables young people to participate in the promotion of global interdependence, through North-South dialogue and cooperation. Please refer to our website for more information and conditions of the traineeships. More…


Council of Europe Congress President welcomes the commitment of Greek local and regional authorities

At the invitation of Rena Dourou, Governor of the Attica Region, the Council of Europe Congress President Jean-Claude Frécon paid a visit to this region from 6 to 7 September, accompanied by a delegation, to examine the Region’s policy for receiving and integrating refugees. They visited, in particular, the Elaionas and Skaramargas camps, as well as the Logistics centre for the supply of relief items for the refugees. More

European summit of Presidents and Speakers of parliament in Strasbourg

The Presidents and Speakers of parliament from the 47 Council of Europe member states and many partner, observer and neighbouring countries, along with the Presidents of other international assemblies, will be meeting in Strasbourg on 15 and 16 September 2016 for a European parliamentary summit, held every two years. More