2019   30th anniversary of the North-South Centre

2017  The North-South Centre has 21 member States

2016  The North-South Centre has 19 member States and signs a new joint management agreement with the European Union.

2013  Adoption of the Report on the new Mission of the North-South Centre in the framework of the Council of Europe neighbourhood policy.

2012  Renewal of the Joint Management Agreement with the European Union

2011  Adoption of a new Statutory Resolution for the North-South Centre which entered into force on 1 June 2011.

2010  Celebration of the 20th Anniversary of the North-South Centre.

2009  Accession of Morroco and Cape Verde, the first non-European countries to become members of the North-South Centre and 1st African University on Youth and Development (Praia).

First Joint Management Agreement between the European Union and the Council of Europe for the development of Global Education

2007  1st Africa-Europe Youth Summit.

2000  Launching of the University on Youth and Development (Mollina)

1995  Launching of the North-South Prize of the Council of Europe (Lisbon)

1994  1st meeting of the Lisbon Forum “Human Rights in North-South dialogue” Launching of the “Transmed Programme” (Rome).

1993  Existence of the North-South Centre confirmed by Resolution (93)51 of the Committee of Ministers of the Council of Europe (21 October).

1990  Set up of the North-South Centre in Lisbon.

1989  Adoption on 16 November of the Resolution (89)14 by the Committee of Ministers of the Council of Europe endorsing the creation of the North-South Centre following a proposition by the government of Portugal, with 10 founding countries.

1988  European public campaign on North-South interdependence and solidarity organised by the Council of Europe in cooperation with the European Community. It ended with a European conference of parliamentarians and non-governmental organisations (Madrid, 1-3 June 1988), which issued the Madrid Appeal.

1984  The Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe holds a conference, in Lisbon, on the theme: “North-South : Europe’s role” and  the “Lisbon Declaration” is adopted (9-11 April).