North-South Centre Media Literacy Task Force meets for the first time in Lisbon

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From the left: Miguel Silva and Graziano Tullio, from the North-South Centre, and the media literacy task force, Veronica Stefan, Ioli Campos, Kristiina Anttila, Mouloud Kessir and Vid Tratnik.

From the left: Miguel Silva and Graziano Tullio, from the North-South Centre, and the media literacy task force, Veronica Stefan, Ioli Campos, Kristiina Anttila, Mouloud Kessir and Vid Tratnik.

The first meeting of the newly established North-South Centre Media Literacy Task Force for global development education took place from 27 to 29 November 2017 in Lisbon, Portugal. It took place in the framework of the Global Education Week Network annual meeting and together with the Global Education Guidelines revision drafting team meeting.


The objective of the meeting was to set a common ground among experts about the core contents, values and definitions related to media literacy for global development education, networking and share different perspectives and experiences with the relevant stakeholders and partners involved in the activity of the task force and lastly to define the task force strategy, including a timeline, definition of responsibilities and details of the deliverables.


With this new project, the North-South Centre of the Council of Europe will develop competences and foster values such as multi-perspective, critical thinking and global citizenship in order to empower citizens with skills and knowledge to act as responsible and ethical “citizen journalists”. This competence building is ever more pertinent in view of the global context where social media enable each citizen to shape public opinion often in detriment of the ethical and the deontological code of journalism.


The mandate of the Media Literacy Task Force extends for 12 months and will contribute to the revision of the Global Education Guidelines, will design and implement a social media campaign for the Global Education Week 2018 and finally, will develop an educational toolkit on media literacy for global development education.


With its work and through its deliverables, the task force will promote awareness and knowledge about the media literacy dimension of global education, improving at the same time the impact and the outreach of the actions developed by the Youth and Global Education programmes of the North-South Centre of the Council of Europe.


The task force, composed of four experts from members states of the North-South Centre and two experts from Council of Europe member states, is part of the iLEGEND, - a joint programme between the European Union and the Council of Europe implemented by the North-South Centre, to include Global Development Education in formal education in the Balkan, Baltic, South East Europe and Mediterranean and Visegrad regions.


The North-South Centre Media literacy Task Force:


Ioli Campos (Portugal)

Expertise: digital media, media literacy for educators, ethical journalism, human rights; journalist; PhD in digital media, university researcher and author of articles on youth/children and media literacy.


Kristiina Anttila (Finland)

Expertise: European Youth Information Charter, media center management, media pedagogy, youth participation, education; teacher; member of the Presidency of ERYCA (European Youth Information and Counselling Agency).


Mouloud Kessir (Algeria)

Expertise: digital communications strategy; video and multimedia production, civic engagement; degree on digital communication leadership and founding member of AIESEC Algeria.


Tatjana Ljubic (Serbia)

Expertise: media literacy policies, educational programmes and campaigns; project management, journalism, teaching and curriculum development; international consultant on Media Information Literacy.


Veronica Stefan (Romania)

Expertise: digital citizenship, youth work and youth policies, advocacy, networking and coalition building, human rights education, no hate speech campaign; founder of Digital Citizens Romania.


Vid Tratnik (Slovenia)

Expertise: Training and non-formal education, psychology, international project management; trainer of the Slovenian National Agency for Erasmus+ and co-author of the manual “Backpacking journalism”.


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