The team of the North South Centre attends Council of Europe’s training on Gender mainstreaming, Diversity and Intersectionality!

Lisbon 20/05/2021
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Credit photo : Wim arys on unsplash

Credit photo : Wim arys on unsplash

In early May, the entire team of the North-South Centre of the Council of Europe participated in an online training course on Mainstreaming Gender Equality, Diversity, and Intersectionality, to strengthen their analytical and operational capacity to better integrate intersectional perspectives into all dimensions of their work.

The first two sessions covered key concepts and policies related to gender mainstreaming, diversity and intersectionality. This theoretical introduction was followed by practical and interactive exercises covering strategies to address resistance to gender equality, to promote diversity and inclusion through advocacy and communication, and to apply an integrated intersectional approach to the different stages of the cycle of the projects developed by the North-South Centre.


Thanks to the training and our amazing trainer, I had the chance to discover gender mainstreaming, diversity and intersectionality through new lenses. I gained knowledge from the course and the other team members, and I understood how important intersectionality is in our lives. The environment was warm and encouraging to participate and learn. I also realised that gender mainstreaming is very important in project management, that it should be prioritised and that indicators are essential for effective results.


Wadhah OUERGHI, Trainee - Youth Cooperation Programme


Throughout the training, I learned about many useful concepts for framing gender and intersectionality issues. Together with the team, we reflected on different possible situations of discrimination/violence and the implementation of the respective legislative and policy frameworks. In the same way, we have been able to discuss eventual critical issues, while evaluating potential strategies to promote gender equality and diversity from an intersectional perspective.
In addition, the possibility to follow this course within our team, allowed us to discuss and stimulate each other's sensitivity to the subject.
Overall, the course was therefore extremely useful in strengthening my skills in assessing and managing gender and diversity sensitive risks in different situations and projects, as well as in sharpening my awareness regarding these paramount issues.


Samuele BARAZZONI, Trainee - Global Education Programme


The training was particularly thought provoking even though I am sensitive to gender mainstreaming and work with values dealing with empathy and respect of the other.
Going deep into and deconstructing intersectional psychological domination and disempowering processes was a revealed experience, as well as the reflection about the biased construction process of gender social roles.
The training was also of particular value as it enabled to go through the historicity of gender mainstreaming and displayed existing legal instruments to combat discrimination.
Although I was initially wondering about the usefulness and added value of this training as I am familiar and work with gender issues, it proved to be a learning process and mind opener.


Miguel Silva, Programme Manager – Global Education Programme


This training was organised by the Council of Europe. It responds to the Council of Europe's Gender Equality Strategy 2018-2023, which underlines the importance of achieving gender mainstreaming in all areas of the CoE’s policies and activities.

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