The WediActivists board game is an educational tool work with young people on the issue of hate speech, discrimination and digital citizenship. This tool was designed by an informal group of 4 Belgian young activists of * the No Hate Speech Movement.

The game lasts about 2 hours (introduction and debriefing included) and is especially made for young people  from 12 years old upwards. Through 4 cards categories, participants will develop their general culture, express their creativity, respond to scenarios and discuss on several topics. There can be between 4 and 20 players in the game which combines competitive playful aspects with cooperative team work.

The goals of the game are:

  • to raise the  awareness of young people about hate speech, the right of freedom of expression and its limits, and the impact of words online
  • to stimulate the participants’ critical thinking and help them in the analysis, reflection and response to various forms of discrimination on the Internet
  • to encourage  young people to express solidarity and empathy towards victims and targets of discriminatory situations
  • encouraging responsible behaviour  by promoting human rights respect on the Internet
  • develop the online and offline civic engagement of participants.

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* Its developers met in April 2013 at the Youth Citizens Agora organised by the bureau International Jeunesse in Brussels. This agora called Wedia (contraction of “We are the media”) focused on the fight against social injustices through new media and simultaneous to the No Hate Speech Mouvement launching. WediActivists is a continuity: as we are the media, “Be the change you want to see in this world” (Gandhi).