All videos introduced below can also be found on the campaign YouTube channel.

No Hate Speech Movement video


The official No Hate Speech Movement video explains in 6.40 minutes the rational of the campaign by providing examples of hate speech online and personal testimonies of young people. The video concludes with a short explanation of the main features of the campaign platform.

No Hate Speech Movement trailer


The 1.14-minute trailer summarises the rationale of the campaign using example images from the internet, and includes a short note from the Secretary General of the Council of Europe. The video concludes with a short explanation of the main features of the campaign platform.

No Hate Ninja Project

A story about cats, unicorns and hate speech...
This 5.17-minute video explains what the internet is, how it facilitates freedom of speech but also the spread of hate speech through the actions of its users. It explores how hate speech can be tackled.

PARTY Hate Master

This 45-second clip illustrates how sexist and racist hate speech casually penetrates social media messages between friends going out for a night to a party.

BLOCK webmaster

This 30-second clip shows the violent impact of hate speech on its victims though a girl who experiences physical injury every time you hear a click and see hate speech. The video calls for an end to hate speech now and for people to join the movement.

Click against hate speech

This 30-second video portrays online violence such as fights between people and calls to stop such violence by clicking and joining the movement.

HATER Webmaster

This 30-second video demonstrates how those who spread hate stand alone by showing a man shouting offensive comments to passers-by.
The clip ends with a call for people to join the movement again hate speech.

No Hate sounds

This video has been realised by EPHEMERES and the No Hate speech Movement, during an offline event held in Lieu d’Europe in Strasbourg, 22 May, to combat hate speech and promote open-mindedness and tolerance.