The National Campaign Committees and support groups bring together the main national stakeholders that are active in the various aspects of the campaign in accordance with the guidelines provided by the Council of Europe. This ensures synergy, deeper and wider impact of the campaign and also the capacity to advocate at the political level for the issues addressed by the campaign.

Each national committee or support group is coordinated by a national campaign coordinator, who  is also responsible for communication with the secretariat of the campaign in the Council of Europe.

The national campaigns regularly publish information on campaign events organised in their country through the campaign platform blog and their own website and/or social media platforms.

Map of NCC's in Europe:

The National Campaign Committees were set up by entities responsible for youth in national governments at the invitation of the Council of Europe in 2013, in accordance with the guidelines provided. The committees should involve government representatives; youth institutional or civil society organisations and other stakeholders such as media channels and partners.

At the end of 2015, the National Governments were invited to continue or start the campaign for 2016 and 2017, following the decision to extend it until December 2017. At the start of 2016, most national campaign committees reviewed their work and redefined their priorities and programme while others were newly established.

In countries where the government has not set up a committee, alliances of civil society organisations have taken the initiative to set up a support group.

Who are they ?

You can find the list of national campaigns and their media channels on the campaign platform.

Contact the National Campaign Coordinator