The idea of the campaign originally came from the youth leaders of the Advisory Council on Youth. The Advisory Council and the governmental representatives of the European Steering Committee on Youth form the Council of Europe Youth Departments’ unique system of co-management, the Joint Council on Youth.

The Follow-up Group is mandated by the Joint Council of Youth to guide, support and monitor the implementation of the campaign in accordance with the concept paper on implementation of the campaign 2016-2017 and the terms of reference of the Follow-up Group.

Composition of the Follow-Up group

The Follow-up Group is comprised of six members of the Joint Council on Youth:

  • three members representing the European Steering Committee on Youth:
    • Bruno del Mazo Unamuno, Spanish Institute for Youth
    • Djuro Blanusa, Ministry of Youth and Sport of Serbia
    • Jehona Roka, Ministry of Social Welfare and Youth of Albania
  • three members representing the Advisory Council on Youth:
    • Youssef Himmat, Forum of European Muslim Youth and Student Organisations
    • Oleksandra Kovyazina, World Esperanto Youth Organisation
    • Matej Manevski, Youth for Exchange and Understanding

And observers from:

  • National Campaign Committees, Nelli Gishyan (Armenia) and Lilla Nedeczky (Hungary)
  • Online activists and moderators,  Gubaz Koberidze
  • Conference of International NGOs of the Council of Europe,  Gilles Bloch  
  • European Youth Forum,  Lora Lyubenova
  • European Youth Information and Counselling Agency,  Imre Simon
  • European Youth Card Association, Manel Sanchez
  • European Steering Committee of Education Policy and Practice, Ellen Lange
  • EEA and Norway Grants, Finn Yrjar Denstad