The Council of Europe Directorate General of Democracy works to sustain democracy and ensure human dignity. It aims:

  • to ensure respect for the human dignity of all without discrimination and on the basis of human rights standards;
  • to improve the functioning of democratic institutions and to secure compliance with democracy and human rights standards;
  • to strengthen citizens’ democratic competences and their willingness to participate in the democratic process;
  • to democratically manage the inner diversity of European societies in a spirit of solidarity and tolerance based on the political and legal standards of the Council of Europe.

The Directorate General of Democracy prepares and implements targeted programmes, policies and standard-setting mechanisms. It monitors a number of European conventions and manages several Partial Agreements. The Directorate General is composed of:

Because of its focus on strengthening democratic participation, human dignity, and the inclusion of all members of society the various directorates and programmes contribute to the No Hate Speech Movement each within their field of expertise, most noticeable in the area of education, sport and the European Youth Foundation of the Youth Department.