The campaign is implemented online using a range of tools and media, and offline through educational activities, conferences, youth events, youth camps, street activities and festivals. European level activities are organised and coordinated by the Council of Europe. A much wider and varied programme of activities is implemented by the national campaign committees, support groups and partners.

Online Campaign Tools

THE ONLINE CAMPAIGN PLATFORM is an open space for amateur videos and photo messages from young people of all ages about their personal experiences of hate speech. Users of the platform can sign petitions, subscribe to the newsletter and find out how to take part in the campaign.
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HATE SPEECH WATCH allows users to upload and report any hate speech content from the Internet Users can tag and comment on the posted messages. Counter-narratives and information on national mechanisms for reporting hate speech are included.
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THE CAMPAIGN IN ACTION BLOG on the platform allows users to upload information and share activities at national and European levels.
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THE CAMPAIGN CO-ORDINATION SITE provides campaign materials and information for national campaign co-ordinators, European partners and organisers of campaign activities.
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THE CAMPAIGN NEWSLETTER is published every four weeks and sent to over 5 000 subscribers.
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FACEBOOK  the NoHateSpeech page is a campaign tool to denounce hate speech and defend human rights online using visual materials, statements and published or shared information from national campaigns and European partners.
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TWITTER through @nohate_speech the online activists campaign for human rights online and inform followers of European campaign events. Using #nohatespeech the national campaigns, partners and other participants share information about their campaign efforts.
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YOUTUBE the channel hosts a large number of campaign video’s produced by the European and national campaigns. The videos cover a range of topics related to the Action Days and include the official campaign video and video reports of the major European campaign conferences.
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European activities

The European Campaign consists of activities which have been created as a response to the needs and proposals from partners and national campaigns.
Reports of past seminars and conferences can be found in the archives section.

The programme for 2016 and 2017 includes:

  • a seminar on sexist hate speech
  • regional Bookmarks training courses for trainers and facilitators
  • study sessions at the European Youth Centres
  • Living Library activities in member states
  • a seminar on countering segregation and addressing the root causes of radicalisation and violent extremism
  • meetings of national co-ordinators and online activists
  • participation at the European Youth Event, Strasbourg
  • a seminar on antisemitism and hate speech
  • a meeting on pilot projects supported by the European Youth Foundation
  • a forum for Living Library organisers
  • a seminar on the role of law-enforcement agencies in countering hate speech
  • participation in internet governance forums
  • a campaign evaluation seminar

Education for human rights online

The educational dimension of the Campaign is a key component of the movement's response to hate speech. The Council of Europe has developed Bookmarks, a campaign manual for teachers and educators in addressing online hate speech with young people through human rights education. Bookmarks is available in 13 languages and is being translated into others.

A handbook on developing counter-narratives to hate speech for youth workers and educators will be published in September 2016.

Actions Days

Action Days mobilise the national campaigns and European partners of the campaign in joint actions to raise awareness about and counter specific forms of hate speech. Each Action Day has a programme of activities prepared with online activists in co-operation with the national campaign co-ordinators and European partners.

Action Days forseen for 2016-2017

  • 2nd Tuesday of February: Safer Internet Action Day
  • 8 March: Action Day against Sexist Hate Speech
  • 20 June: Action Day for Respect of Human Rights of Refugees and Asylum Seekers
  • 22 July: Action Day in Solidarity with Victims of Hate Crimes
  • 21 September: Action Day against Islamophobia and Religious Intolerance
  • 9 November: Action Day against Antisemitic Hate Speech
  • 10 December: Action Day for Human Rights
  • Others events may be added.