In-service Training Seminar on Individual Application Procedure for Lawyers in Sakarya and Bursa

Bursa-Sakarya 9-10 February 2019
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© Council of Europe

© Council of Europe

The twenty-eighth and twenty-ninth in-service training seminars for lawyers on individual application procedures and admissibility criteria were organised simultaneously in Bursa and Sakarya on 9-10 February 2019 in order to improve the awareness, knowledge and basic skills of lawyers within the framework of the Joint Project on Supporting the Individual Application to the Constitutional Court in Turkey.

The seminars were organized to improve the knowledge and skills of lawyers on individual application procedure to the Constitutional Court. The programme covered the following subjects:

  • Introduction to individual application to the Constitutional Court: Scope of the Constitutional Court’s review power
  • The rule of exhausting ordinary legal remedies in individual application and the time limit for application
  • Manifestly ill-founded applications
  • Drafting qualified petitions and filing an application

A total of 177 lawyers, consisting of 102 from Bursa and 75 from Sakarya, participated in the training seminars organised on Saturday and Sunday. Each training was delivered by two facilitator lawyers who completed the training of trainers in 2017 within the project.

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