The main partners and beneficiaries are National Training Institutions (NTIs) and Bar Associations (BA) as well as legal professionals (judges, lawyers and prosecutors) from the beneficiary countries.

The main objectives are:

  • To enhance the training capacity of national institutions from the beneficiary countries to deliver updated and relevant training on human rights at national level;
  • To enhance the capacity of legal professionals from the beneficiary countries to apply the European Convention on Human Rights in their daily work.

The following outputs and results are expected:

  • A regional network of NTIs and BAs is enhanced to promote the exchange of good practices and to provide legal professionals with relevant information. The project benefits from the existing and already well-established HELP Network.
  • The HELP Human Rights training methodology is implemented at national level and existing HELP training materials are incorporated into the NTIs/BAs curricula.
  • Blended/distance courses are launched in the beneficiary countries according to the need of national partners. Existing HELP training materials are updated, translated into national languages and adapted to the national legal orders of the beneficiary countries.
  • HELP training materials are further disseminated as those are made available for any user in the HELP Training Platform.