The new version of DataLex is avalaible

Yerevan January 2016
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DataLex, an online database that provides real-time information regarding court cases in Armenia was developed within the framework of the Project on “Strengthening the application of the ECHR and the case-law of the ECtHR” funded by the Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs and implemented by the Council of Europe in 2013-2015. The searching tool of DataLex portal was very simple, since it was designed to provide the public with information related to the court proceedings. The search was possible through several parameters, such as by case number, details of the parties to the case, case litigation date and verdict. The Project supported the application of more flexible thematic searching tools and alternative means of information that are necessary to increase the access and efficiency of receiving data through DataLex system and added three more servers to the existing system to allow maintenance of the developed software. The improved application of DataLex is online since 11 January 2016. The Justice Academy in cooperation with the Judicial Department, main beneficiaries of the Project, will organise round-table discussions on the use of the newly developed system for judges, prosecutors and investigators.