Placements with the European Court of Human Rights

© Council of Europe

© Council of Europe

One month placement with the European Court of Human Rights was organised from November to December 2021 for a judge of the Supreme Court of Federation of BiH and the registrar of Court of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

The placements aimed to help the judiciary representatives to further develop their understanding of the functioning, applicable procedures of the Court of Human Rights, as well as to broaden their knowledge about the human rights standards. Presentation of the case management system and other IT solutions the advanced search options of HUDOC and systematisation of case law of the European Court of human Rights attracted the interest of the participants. They were looking forward to sharing their experience with other colleagues upon their return home and will find explore the possibilities how to apply the standards and good practices in case-law systematisation in the process of establishment and development of the respective case law database.

The activity is organised under the project: “Initiative for Legal Certainty and Efficient Judiciary in Bosnia and Herzegovina - Phase II”, funded by the Kingdom of Norway.