Closing Conference of the Project

Pristina 18 June 2021
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After two and half years of implementation, the project “Improving the Protection of European Human Rights by the Constitutional Court” came to the end of very exciting journey, following the implementation of comprehensive activities, with outstanding results. In this respect, the Closing Conference was organized to acknowledge hard work and great achievements of the project and to express gratitude for excellent cooperation and synergies with the Constitutional Court as key partner, as well as to experts and other partners who supported the implementation.

The final event provided room for comprehensive feedback of beneficiaries on the process of implementation, emphasizing major outputs and outcomes of the activities, and concrete impact on the right holders. A general conclusion of the conference was that judges and legal advisors of the Constitutional Court increasingly consider the standards set in the European Convention of Human Rights and apply case law of the European Court of Human Rights in judgement, decision making and overall case processing.

During the project, the following activities were organised for the benefit of the participants:

  • Placement / internship program with the European Court of Human Rights: judges and legal advisors spent in total 360 days of internship in the Strasbourg’s Court
  • Mentoring Scheme with support of international experts, former Judges of the European Court of Human Rights
  • Thematic workshops, round tables and webinars facilitated by international experts
  • Partnerships and synergies with many on-going human rights initiatives and projects in more than 40 thematic events, workshops and conferences
  • Tangible improvement of the Constitutional Court’s IT infrastructure including:
  • Purchase and installation of the VPN tool (Virtual Private Network enabling access to internal IT network and computers from external location)
  • Upgrade of the electronic Case Management System of the Court (CMS)
  • stablishment of the E-library integrated with CMS with more than 50 E-books with high-quality resource materials
  • Purchase and installation of the new Backup Server
  • Contribution to new Strategic Vision of the Constitutional Court:
  • Development of the New Strategic Plan of the Court 2021 -2025 with Action Plan 2021-2023
  • Development of the Communication Strategy of the Court 2021 -2025

During the lively discussion, participants agreed that the standards set in the European Convention on Human Rights have been effectively promoted with all relevant legal practitioners, human rights advocates and general public locally. All speakers praised great commitment of the team and strong spirit of cooperation in every implemented activity, strive for the best results in the restrictive and challenging circumstances. Special thanks were addressed to colleagues from the European Court of Human Rights, whose spirit, explanations on the case law, working methods and principles successfully brought them closer to local judicial practice and legal community. The announced follow-up intervention will be based on the results and lessons learned from this successful initiative.

The project “Improving the Protection of European Human Rights by the Constitutional Court” was supported by the government of Norway and implemented by the Council of Europe in close collaboration with beneficiaries and experts.

"All reference to Kosovo, whether the territory, institutions or population, in this text shall be understood in full compliance with United Nation’s Security Council Resolution 1244 and without prejudice to the status of Kosovo."