The project on “Protection of the Rights of Entrepreneurs in the Russian Federation from Corrupt Practices at the Municipal Level” – PRECOP II is a continuation of the project “Protection of the Rights of Entrepreneurs in the Russian Federation from Corrupt Practices” – PRECOP RF. It focuses on addressing corruption at the municipal level in select regions of the Russian Federation, given that it is in the municipalities where in particular small and medium-size enterprises face the biggest obstacles created by various administrative and corruption-prone practices.


The project activities focus on key issues such as corruption typologies affecting the business sector; procurement practices; municipal and state inspection and supervision activities over businesses; rules and regulations governing businesses at the municipal level and strengthening capacities of municipal authorities to deliver public services in a transparent manner. PRECOP II also attempts to find ways of establishing a mechanism through which businesses can report corruption confidentially (anonymously) through the institution of the Business Ombudspersons.


The main beneficiary institutions of PRECOP II are the Office of the Federal Business Ombudsperson in the Russian Federation and the Offices of Regional Business Ombudspersons. The project is implemented by the Economic Crime and Cooperation Division through voluntary contributions provided by the UK, Luxembourg and Norway.

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