The project “HELP (Human Rights Education for Legal Professionals) in Russia” phase II is a continuation of the project “HELP in Russia”.

The official launch of the project was held in Moscow on November 20, 2018 in cooperation with the project’s main partner – Russian State University of Justice.

Main objectives:

•             Raising awareness of existence and possible effective implementation of the international remedies among legal professionals in Russia.

•             Contribution to the strengthening of the capacities of Russian legal professionals to fight against human trafficking and domestic violence.

•             Effective implementation and enforcement of legal safeguards against domestic violence and trafficking in human beings in the light of the Council of Europe Conventions.

Main partners: Russian State University of Justice, other specialized training establishments.

Expected Result: The CoE uses its arsenal of ECtHR case law, special training methodologies of grownups and special expertise as well as innovative and interactive courses on trafficking and domestic violence available in Russian on the CoE’s HELP online platform throughout professional training of network of judges, prosecutors and practicing lawyers. As a result, it is expected that legal professionals in Russia will be enabled to identify legal and practical gaps in tackling these issues, and to find and implement solutions in their daily work. This, in turn, will contribute to better protection of human rights in the Russian Federation in general.

Duration of the project: 24 months, until September 2020

Contacts Contacts

Senior Project Officer

Project Assistant
Ms. Natalia LAPTEVA

Policy Advisor